Xaluca Ifess Fess Refuge de Montagne

A real shelter between mountains and gorges.
A hidden gem between the canyons of M'Goun River
Hidden between the canyons of the M'Goun, this shelter can only be reached on a mule or foot can hold up to 20 people. It has a shared bathroom and showers. You will have the opportunity to taste traditional Amazigh food in a spectacular environment and enjoy the beauty of the Moroccan High Atlas.

- Odmane Batarchi (Director)
In short about the refuge
Interesting facts about Xaluca Ifess Fess Refuge de Montagne.
  • Access only by foot
  • 20 pax
  • Without electricity
  • In the middle of the High Atlas
Different types of rooms
Discover the rooms in the Xaluca Ifess Fess Refuge
Rooms at the Shelter Xaluca Ifess Fess are built with natural stone and decorated in a rustic and minimalist style so you can enjoy getting in the mountains without any unnecessary distraction.
Xaluca Ifess Fess Services
Services provided in the refuge.
The mountain refuge Xaluca Ifess Fess has a dining room with a fireplace and wooden tables with up to 20 people. Contemplate the starry sky while enjoying a traditional Moroccan dinner by candlelight—pure disconnection.
Trekking Excursions
We organize routes up the mountain following your needs and for all levels at any time of year so you can enjoy the best excursions in the Upper and Middle Moroccan Atlas.
We have mules for excursions in the mountains of M'Goun river arriving at points where 4x4 vehicles can not access. A real adventure in the Upper and Middle Moroccan Atlas.
What to do?
Discover all you can do at Xaluca Ifess Fess Refuge de Montagne.

Discover the whole area of high Moroccan Atlas by foot, go into their throats and canyons and discover the Amazigh villages and nomadic families. We offer excursions around the area with mountain guides adapting the rhythm to your needs.
Get into the M'Goun Valley and discover unique landscapes and villages strung in the gorges. An enriching experience for all nature lovers.
Share a meal at the home of a Berber family of the mountain, see how they live in high Atlas villages and get involve with their culture and traditions of this incredible country.
Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
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