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Give your customers the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in the south of Morocco.

Our accommodations are ideal for a perfect trip around the south of Morocco. In them, your customers will feel at home because we always try to take care of them in the same way we like when someone takes care of us. It is essential to rest and enjoy facing each new day of travel and adventure with the same energy. In short, we are the guarantee of success for your travels in Morocco.

We have an excellent infrastructure in the country: charming hotels spread across the desert and High Atlas, camps, haimas custom from 1 up to 1000 people, a fleet of 4WD vehicles, as well-qualified staff to manage any trip or event. We are hospitality professionals for over ten years and have grown thanks to the confidence clients have placed in us, not only customers who have stayed in our hotels, but partners like you.

That is why we are always willing to work hand in hand to continue growing together. Whether you're a travel agent, tour operator, or company/event organizer, please contact us to discuss your needs and develop a customized and tailored proposal.
Why should you work with us?
Discover the reasons to collaborate with Grup Xaluca.
    Our commitment to delivering the highest quality service is reflected in the professionals whom we employ and the broad experience we have as a company creating 5-star customer experience for our clients.
    At Grup Xaluca, we care about you, about others, certainly about our clients and why not to mentioned it, we also care about ourselves. When everybody works hard to pursue their objectives, everybody wins.
    To challenge and be challenged is part of our culture. Our leadership philosophy is based on trust. Excellence isn't easy, but we always work hard to achieve it thanks to all our clients. We believe in bidirectional feedback.
    We are a Moroccan-owned business, with more than a decade of experience and dedication to providing exceptional travel experience to the region of the south of Morocco. More than 100,000 visitors a year guarantee our commitment to the area.
    Grup Xaluca is one of the tourism group leaders in the south of Morocco. We help our clients (visitors) to live a unique and immersive experience within the region, producing real and unforgettable moments, thanks to our establishments, services and staff.
    As a company, we always stand for innovation to offer our customers and clients the best possible experience in their visits to the south of Morocco, providing a balance between comfort and adventure in all our facilities and services.
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